Welcome to Badgers Motorcycle Club – Badgers MC

badgers-stickers2The Badgers Motorcycle Club was originally established in 1969 by mainly LA PD members but has since opened it’s doors to all kinds of motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Badgers MC has been active in AMA and District 37 activities over the years. With several District 37 racers, you will find the Badgers MC at most races in the Johnson Valley, Barstow and Red Mountain area.

Since 1973 the Badgers MC have hosted an off road motorcycle race within District 37 (AMA). The Badgers race has become a traditional Mothers Day event.

In 1987 the Badgers MC was given an award from D37 for having put on the best desert race of the year.

President: Jay Wickers ( 661 242 2712)
Referee: Tom Yates (805 438 5007)
For information regarding the Badgers MC contact: Jay Wickers (661 242 2712)